About Us

BC Hydraulic Service is a full service and sales company devoted to providing waste generators with equipment that can reduce the money they spend on their waste removal. Started in 2014 BC Hydraulics was just a one man company doing waste audits and repairing small equipment around Jacksonville FL. It has grown to a 4 man team working from Jacksonville to Miami and south Georgia. We have installed horizontal balers in industrial areas and compactors behind apartment complexes. We can perform preventative maintenance on any brand of waste hydraulic power unit to extend its life and reduce failures keeping your trash removal from bogging down peoples businesses. We pride ourselves on being honest and open with our customers and fair with our pricing as we know most people do not budget for waste equipment repairs or new equipment. We look forward to a better future and to reduce the stress of waste removal for business owners and management companies.

Should You Lease or Buy a Commercial Trash Compactor?

By Kenzo Kawasaki Image courtesy pixabay If you’re tired of dealing with an overflowing dumpster or are looking to stop throwing a...